Release: 2022Support: 2028-01-11End of Life: 2033-01-11Latest: 16.0.4105.2

Release: 2019Support: 2025-01-07End of Life: 2030-01-08Latest: 15.0.4345.5

Release: 2017Support: 2022-10-11End of Life: 2027-10-12Latest: 14.0.3465.1

Release: 2016Support: 2021-07-13End of Life: 2026-07-14Latest: 13.0.6435.1

Release: 2014Support: 2019-07-09End of Life: 2024-07-09Latest: 12.0.6449.1

Release: 2012Support: 2017-07-11End of Life: 2022-07-12Latest: 11.0.7512.11

Release: 2008 R2Support: 2014-07-08End of Life: 2019-07-09Latest: 10.50.6785.2

Release: 2008Support: 2014-07-08End of Life: 2019-07-09Latest: 10.0.6814.4

Release: 2005Support: 2011-04-12End of Life: 2016-04-12Latest: 9.0.5324.0

Release: 2000Support: 2008-04-08End of Life: 2013-04-09Latest: 8.0.2305

Release: 7.0Support: 2005-12-31End of Life: 2011-01-11Latest: 7.0.1152

Release: 6.5Support: 2002-01-01End of Life: 2002-01-01Latest: 6.50.480

Release: 6.0Support: 1999-03-31End of Life: 1999-03-31Latest: 6.0.151